Xenakis: Music for Strings

Xenakis: Music for Strings
Xenakis Edition, Volume 6
Ensemble Resonanz - Johannes Kalitzke
Mode 152


  1. Syrmos — for 18 strings (1959)
  2. Aroura — for 12 strings (1971)
  3. Voile — for 20 strings (1995)
  4. Theraps — for contrabass solo (1975-76)
  5. Analogique A+B — for 9 strings & tape (1959)
  6. Ittidra — for string sextet (1996)

Performers: Barbara Bultmann, Juditha Haeberlin, Tobias Rempe, Thomas Glöckner, Corinna Guthmann, Gregor Dierck, Christine Krapp, Benjamin Spillner, Swantje Tessman, Diana Kiendl, Andreas Pfaff, Hyun-Jung Kim, Susanne Zapf, Florian Mausbach, Kamila Namyslowska, Wolfgang Bender (violins); Nikolaus Sclierf, Marie-Theres Stumpf, Miriam Götting, David Schlage, Sophie Bansac (violas); Saskia Ogilvie, Jörn Kellermann, Patrick Sepec, Cécile Tacier, Maike Reisener, Inga Raab, Ruslan Vilensky (cellos); Anne Hofmann, John Eckhardt (+solo), Caroline Menke, Tobias Grove (double basses)

Playing time: 58'

Recording date: unknown (Frankfurt); released: 2005

This program includes all of Xenakis' music for strings, with forces between 6 and 20 instruments, plus the bass solo Theraps. There are, of course, smaller string ensembles not included, as well as two pieces for 60-piece string orchestra.

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Todd M. McComb