Xenakis: Roland Auzet - Percussion(s)

Roland Auzet, et al.
Mode 189-192 [book+CDx3+DVD]

Under Construction

Works by Xenakis: Psappha, O-Mega (with Ensemble Fa), Kassandra (with Nicholas Isherwood), Rebonds

Other composers represented: Carlos Roque Alsina, Roland Auzet, Alain Bancquart, Edmund Campion, Pierre Jodlowski, Darius Milhaud, Gerard Pape, Yoshihisa Taïra, Karen Tanaka

Writers appearing (500 page book): Pierre Boulez, Pierre Albert Castenet, Roland Auzet, Steven Schick

Released: 2008

I know this set only via download (& so not the book or DVD). It appears to be discontinued.

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T. M. McComb