Xenakis: Ensemble Works 3

Xenakis: Ensemble Works 3
Xenakis Edition, Volume 13
International Contemporary Ensemble / Red fish blue fish - Steven Schick
Mode 261


  1. Palimpsest (1979)
  2. Échange (1989)
  3. Akanthos (1977)
  4. Zythos (1997)
  5. Thalleïn (1984)
  6. O-Mega (1997)

Performers: Benny Sluchin (trombone), Tony Arnold (soprano), Cory Smythe (piano), Joshua Rubin (bass clarinet), International Contemporary Ensemble [Chalire Chase (artistic director), Eric Lamb (flutes, piccolo), James Austin Smith (oboe, English horn), Joshua Rubin (clarinet), Benjamin Fingland (clarinet), Rebekah Heller (bassoon), Peter Evans (trumpet), David Byrd-Marrow (French horn), David Nelson (trombone), Dan Peck (tuba), Nathan Davis (percussion), Justin DeHart (percussion), David Bowlin (violin), Erik Carlson (violin), Wendy Richman (viola), Kivie Cahn-Lipman (cello), Randy Zigler (bass)], Red fish blue fish [Brian Archinal, Justin DeHart, Dustin Donahue, Ross Karre, Bonnie Whiting, Stephen Solook], Steven Schick (percussion, conductor)

Playing time: 68'

Recording date: January 2010 (San Diego); released: 2013

This program mostly reprises material from other scattered recordings through the years, with the exception being Zythos for trombone & 6 marimbas, a first recording.

The sound is relatively distant. Rather, there's a spacious soundstage that rewards close listening. The musicianship is very precise, almost making things seem easy (so that's strange in Xenakis), such that close listening is well rewarded — even as the result is less superficially striking than some Xenakis albums (including of the same pieces).

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Todd M. McComb