Xenakis: With Varèse

Xenakis & Varèse
Dämmerschein / Persephassa / La déesse Athéna / Amériques
Carnegie Mellon Philharmonic - Juan Pablo Izquierdo
Mode 58


  1. Dämmerschein (1993/94; large orchestra)
  2. Persephassa (1969; six percussionists)
  3. La déesse Athéna (1992; baritone, percussionist & 10 instruments)
  4. Varèse: Amériques (1918/22; large orchestra)

Performers: Philip Larson (voice, track #3), Timothy Adams (percussion, track #3)

Playing time: 70'

Recording dates: April 1995 (Varèse) & April 1996 (Xenakis); released: 1997

Although this is kind of a strangely mixed program, and appeared originally to very mixed reviews (to where it didn't make much impression on me at the time either), more than twenty years later, tracks #1 & #3 continue to be among the most distinctive in the Xenakis discography, making this increasingly a classic album....

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T. M. McComb