Xenakis: Works for Piano

Xenakis: Works for Piano
Aki Takahashi
Mode 80


  1. Evryali (1973)
  2. Dikhthas (1979; violin & piano)
  3. Herma (1960/61)
  4. Palimpsest (1979; piano & chamber ensemble)
  5. Six chansons (1950/51) - Ça sent le musc...
  6. Six chansons (1950/51) - J'avais un amour autrefois...
  7. Six chansons (1950/51) - Une perdrix descendait de la montagne...
  8. Six chansons (1950/51) - Trois moines crétois...
  9. Six chansons (1950/51) - Aujourdui le ciel est noir...
  10. Six chansons (1950/51) - Soustra, danse
  11. Mists (1981)
  12. A.r. "Hommage à Ravel" (1987)

Playing time: 71'

Released: 1999 (original)

Apparently the short Six chansons (Xenakis' earliest official composition) was added to a reissue of this album, and wasn't on the original program.

The interpretation is generally the most stark, especially in the most linear passages. This seems fitting to me, and provides the most hard-edged vision of Xenakis' solo piano (& some related) music. The stark linearity of the violin in Dikhthas is also a feature (despite some negative reviews of violinist Jane Peters, who plays in a very Xenakian way, if you ask me).

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T. M. McComb