Feldman: Violin and String Quartet

Feldman: Violin and String Quartet
Christina Fong / Rangzen Quartet
Ogre Ogress Productions 2001 (2 CDs)


    Violin and String Quartet (1985)
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Performers: Christina Fong (violin); Karen Krummel (cello), Heather Storeng (viola), Christopher Martin (violin), Sieu Mahn Phong (violin)

Playing time: 117'

Release date: 2001; recording date: unknown

Although this is a significant recording in terms of music & performance, it has some of the most flimsy packaging I have ever seen.

This recording also features distinctly more string vibrato than is usually advocated for Feldman's music, meaning that the overtone sonorities do not blend to quite the degree possible. Although this is a valid criticism, it's still an enjoyable recording of this piece. It was the first, with the second following in the same time frame (meaning that neither set of performers probably even knew about the other effort), and there has been none since. I do enjoy the performance here, but what with the attention to Feldman's string music elsewhere, an updated interpretation could be worthwhile.

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Todd M. McComb