Cage: Twenty-Six / Twenty-Eight / Twenty-Nine / Eighty

Cage: Sculptures Musicales / Twenty-Six / Twenty-Eight / Twenty-Nine / Eighty
Glenn Freeman, Christina Fong, et al.
Ogre Ogress Productions 2008 [DVD-A]


  1. Sculptures Musicales
  2. Twenty-Six with Twenty-Nine
  3. Twenty-Six with Twenty-Eight & Twenty-Nine
  4. Eighty

Performers: Christina Fong (violin, viola), Prague Winds [Jiri Marsalek (flute), Zdenek Rys (oboe, English horn), Petr Donek (clarinet), Libor Soukal (bassoon), Frantisek Pok (French horn), Framisek Bilek (trumpet), Lukas Cermak (trombone), Lubomir Maryska (tuba)], Karen Krummel (cello), Michael Crawford (bass), Glenn Freeman (percussion, bowed piano), The Chance Operations Collective of Kalamazoo [Kirk Anderson, Richard Bowser, Brad Miller, Jeff Mitchell]

Playing time: 121'

Release date: 2008; recording date: unknown

This is an overdubbed production.

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Todd M. McComb