Scelsi: Collection, vol. 6

Scelsi Collection, vol. 6
Roberto Fabbriciani / Jonathan Faralli
Stradivarius 33806


  1. Maknongan
  2. Pwyll
  3. Hyxos
  4. Quays
  5. Tetratkys
  6. Maknongan

Performers: Roberto Fabbriciani (flutes), Jonathan Faralli (percussion)

Under Construction

Information from Allegro.

I was not familiar with this Tetratkys piece, and had not even seen mention of it prior to this recording. I took the liberty of listening to it online. It is a long (~half hour) virtuosic suite for solo flute, apparently from Scelsi's early output, given its more traditional sense of musical note.

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Todd M. McComb