Xenakis: Milano Music Festival

Milano Musica Festival - 2
Xenakis / Varèse / Romitelli
Marieke Koster / ASKO Ensemble - Stefan Asbury
Stradivarius 33871


  1. Xenakis: Phlegra (1975)
  2. Varèse;: Octandre
  3. Romitelli: Mediterraneo I e II
  4. Xenakis: Anaktoria (1969)
  5. Xenakis: Dhipli Zyia (1952)
  6. Xenakis: Waarg (1988)

Playing time: 73'

Released: 2009

This is at least the second time that ASKO has recorded Waarg (although under different leaders), and the experience shows. They seem to really make the piece their own.

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T. M. McComb