Xenakis: Orchestral Works - Vol. V

Xenakis: Orchestral Works - Vol. V
Metastaseis / Pithoprakta / ST/48 / Achorripsis / Syrmos / Hiketides
Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg - Arturo Tamayo
Timpani 1113

Under Construction

Released: 2008

Information from release flyer. These are most of Xenakis' earliest orchestral works. I never found this item offered for sale, prior to being repackaged as a 5CD set, and I didn't want to repurchase the first four recordings in the series.

A more recent, related program on another label:

Xenakis: Orchestral Works
Xenakis Edition, Volume 15
Residente Orkest The Hague / Orchestra Sinfonica RAI - Artur Tamayo
Mode 299

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T. M. McComb