Cage: Mondriaan and Music

Mondriaan and Music
Xenakis / Feldman / Cage
Mondriaan String Quartet
Vanguard Classics 99066


  1. Xenakis: Ergma (1994)

  2. Feldman: Three Pieces (1956)
  3. I
  4. II
  5. III
  6. Cage: Five3 (1991)

Performers: Edwin Blankenstijn (violin), Jan-Erik Van Regteren Altena (violin), Annette Bergman (viola), Eduard Van Regteren Altena (cello); James Fulkerson (trombone, track #5)

Playing time: 62'

Recording date: November 1994; released: 1994

All the pieces on this program were premiere recordings, making for a unique situation, particularly in featuring Xenakis & Cage on the same program.

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T. M. McComb