shrI guruguha mUrtE cicchakti sphUrtE

Abstracted from: Compositions of Muddusvami Dikshitar by Sangeetha Kalanidhi T. K. Govinda Rao, published in Chennai 1997 (No. 35). English edited by me. This is Guruguha Vibhakti kriti No. 8.

Raga: udayaravicandrika / Tala: rUpakam

P: shrI guruguha mUrtE cicchakti sphUrtE shiSyajanAvanakIrtE sumuhurtE jaya

A: yOginIhRdaya prakAsha citta vRttE yugapadbhOga yOgapradAna nipuNashaktE Agamarahasya tatvAnusandhAnayuktE AnandAnuraktE ativiraktE jaya jaya

C: AtmEshvara jIvabhEdAvaraNa nivRttE Ashrita shiSyAnugraha kAraNapravRttE AtmatatvAdishOdhana sAdhanasampattE AraktashvEtamishra caraNa pravRttE AtmakOTi bhaktE anAdi mAyOtpattE AtmAnubhavasAra samtRptE nirmuktE AtmOdaya ravicandrikA sandIptE paramAtmA shrIcidAnandanAthanamastE jayajaya


May Lord Guruguha be victorious. He who is the manifestation of pure consciousness, He is renowned for imparting knowledge to His disciples at the auspicious time.

He who is the mental vibration illuminating the heart of Yogis, who has the power and skill to grant materialistic prosperity and metaphysical spirituality simultaneously, who is to be constantly contemplated in order to understand the secret of sacred scriptures, he is perceptible as bliss and also renunciation.

He who is the Lord of the soul, and who removes the sheath which produces the sense of individuality, he is engaged in bestowing blessings on the disciples who take refuge in Him. He who is the treasure chest of spiritual discipline analyzing the truth of the self Atmatatva, whose feet are a blend of white and red hue, who has crores of devoted souls and is engaged in producing beginningless illusion, he is full of the essence of self-realization and is totally free. He stimulates His devotees for the realization of the Self as the sun and the moon. He is Paramatma. Salutations and victory to the Cidanandanatha.

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