tyAgarAjE kRtyAkRtya marpayAmi

Abstracted from: Compositions of Muddusvami Dikshitar by Sangeetha Kalanidhi T. K. Govinda Rao, published in Chennai 1997 (No. 452). English edited by me. This is Tyagaraja Vibhakti kriti No. 7.

Raga: sAraHNga / Tala: jhampa

P: tyAgarAjE kRtyAkRtya marpayAmi vidEha kaivalyam yAmi

A: bhOga yOgAtmakE bhukti muktyAtmakE tyAga rAgAtmakE tatvam parAtmakE

C: parkRti puruSAtmakE paHncabhUtAtmakE prakRti vikRtAtmakE paHncIkRtAtmakE sukRti hRdayAtmakE sUrya candrAtmakE vikRti bhEdAtmakE vishvEshvarAtmakE sukRti pUrNAtmakE sura guruguhAtmakE


I surrender to Lord Tyagaraja all the actions I have done, and those I have not performed, and I reach bodyless emancipation.

As supreme spirit, He assumes forms with different and opposite characteristics, such as enjoyment and meditation, enjoyment and liberation, renunciation and attachment.

As natural form and soul of the universe, as five elements, natural and changed form, as the registrar of human actions, as one in the hearts of the virtuous, he manifests as the sun and the moon, as one with dualism, Dvaita and Advaita, non-dualism. As the Lord of the universe, as the virtuous finite, as Devas and Guruguha, he is Sat, Cit and Ananda.

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