tyAgarAjEna samrakSitOham

Abstracted from: Compositions of Muddusvami Dikshitar by Sangeetha Kalanidhi T. K. Govinda Rao, published in Chennai 1997 (No. 191). English edited by me. This is Tyagaraja Vibhakti kriti No. 3.

Raga: sALaga bhairavi / Tala: Adi

P: tyAgarAjEna samrakSitOham dayAsudhA sAgarENa shrI

A: yagashAlAdi mahOtsavEna yativarAdyupAsitEna bhavEna bhOga bhOgya prapaHncOdbhavEna bhukti muktiprada parama shivEna

C: shrI ramaNAdi pUjita caraNEna sRStyAdi paHnca kRtya karaNEna hAra kaTaka makuTAdi bharaNEna hATaka kSEtrAdhikaraNEna vIra khaDga khETAdi dharaNEna vikalpa virahitAntahkaraNEna mAra kAla tripurAdi haraNEna mahAdEva guruguha smaraNEna


I am well-protected by Lord Tyagaraja, who is the nectar-like ocean of mercy.

He who is venerated with festivals and rituals such as Yaga etc., meditated upon by great ascetics, He is the cause of the origin of all beings including Himself. He from whom originated this universe and the other objects of enjoyment, he is Lord Shiva, bestowing pleasures of life in this world as well as salvation.

He whose feet are worshiped by Vishnu, the lord of Lakshmi, he is the cause for the five activities, viz. creation, etc. He who adorns necklaces, bracelets, and diadems, the one who originated the Hatakakshetra bears the heroic sword and armor. He whose inner self is blemishless vanquished Cupid, Kala the god of death, and the Tripura, etc. He is kindly remembered by Mahadeva and Guruguha.

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