Compositions of Uthukkadu Venkata "Kavi" Subbaiyer (c.1700-c.1765)

The following list was provided originally by Lakshman Ragde <> and extracted primarily from the sources Rasaganam and Krishnagaman by Nidamangalam Krishnamurti Bhagavatar. By this time, the compilation has been checked fairly carefully by Chitravina Ravikiran, in consultation with other artistes, and so can be considered of good quality. However, more corrections & clarifications are anticipated.

Uthukkadu Venkata Subbaiyer, called Venkata Kavi, was a pre-Trinity composer whose command of raga & sahitya, together with having written cycles of compositions on individual themes, marks him as an under-appreciated early great of Carnatic music.

My role in making this list has been minimal, consisting primarily of editor and typist. I have also done my best to correct any errors brought to my attention, as well as to order the compositions in a (hopefully) useful way.

Hopefully this list will prove useful. Perhaps a better romanization scheme will be attempted in the future, to correspond to that used in the Trinity listings.

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Last Updated: 19 November 2001

This list will be ordered by raga, first by melakarta and then alphabetically. In some cases melakarta assignments are controversial.

There is also an alphabetical list by song title.


8. Hanumatodi

10. Natakapriya

14. Vakulabharanam

15. Mayamalavagaula

16. Chakravakam

17. Suryakanta

20. Natabhairavi

21. Kiravani

22. Kharaharapriya

23. Gaurimanohari

27. Sarasangi

28. Harikambhodhi

29. Dhirashankarabharanam

30. Naganandini

36. Chalanata

51. Kamavardhini

53. Gamanashrama

56. Shanmukhapriya

57. Simhendramadhyama

60. Nitimati

64. Vachaspati

65. Mechakalyani




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