Mehdi Rostami

Melodic Circles
Urban Classical Music from Iran
Mehdi Rostami / Adib Rostami
ARC Music EUCD 2794


    Circle One: Bayât-e Tork
  1. Nostalgia
  2. Journey
  3. Delight

  4. Circle Two: Bayât-e Esfahân
  5. Lonely
  6. Life
  7. Past
  8. Mystic Dance (Reng)

Performers: Mehdi Rostami (setâr), Adib Rostami (tombak)

Playing time: 48'

Recording date: 2017 or 2018? (London); released: 2018

No precise recording date is given, as this label often withholds details.... (There is, however, an expanded musicological discussion available online — albeit still lacking some documentary details.)

This is traditional music from Kermanshah by two cousins, incorporating some styles from Kurdish tanbûr.... Their Radif appears to be somewhat different overall from what had come to dominate c.2000 Persian classical releases. However, it's still based on study with prominent musicians such as Lotfi & Kalhor — fixtures here at one time.

Details are wonderful, as is melodic command. One of the best intimate, new Persian recitals I've heard in years... virtuosic & evocative. (It does suffer a bit from the "echo effects" that plague so much Iranian recording.... Still, sound quality is excellent compared to some older issues.)

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T. M. McComb