Chants Sacrés Kurdes

Chants Sacrés Kurdes
Une fête du divin
Ensemble Razbar
Arion ARN 64527


  1. Sheykh Amiri
  2. Hey Dawed
  3. Ali Ali Man
  4. Tanbur solo
  5. To ey djâf-e shirin zabân
  6. Be mowlâye
  7. Qatâr
  8. Amâno dakhil pir-e shart
  9. Hey vayyâr
  10. Pièce au kamantcheh et au daf
  11. Mowlâm khosh hâti
  12. Pièce au kamantcheh et au daf

Playing time: 72'

Recording date: October 1999 (Cologne)

This program contrasts some intricate solo passagework with sections featuring simple chanting from groups. The effect is one of shifting between the special dynamism which seems to define Kurdish music for me, and a more hypnotically repetitive world of real ritual.

Unfortunately, little detail is given regarding the constituent tracks or the performer identities.

The group released a second recording on Arion in 2002.

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T. M. McComb