Ustad Amir Khan: Hindusthani Vocal Classical
Ragas Kafi Kannada, Suha Sughrai, Darbari Kannada, Shuddh Kalyan, Bihag
Biswas 86 & 87 A & B (2 CDs)


  1. Raga Kafi Kannada (37'21)
  2. Raga Suha Sughrai (16'14)
  3. Raga Darbari Kannada (9'16)
  1. Raga Shuddh Kalyan (38'36)
  2. Raga Bihag (35'07)

Sound quality: fair (a little noise in spots, but mostly good)

Recording date: unknown; production date: 1997

Accompanists are not listed.

Another quality collection... Amir Khan is compelling, as always, but it is difficult to say that any aspect of this recital or recordings stands out against others. There are various truncations, etc.

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T. M. McComb