Reza Ghassemi

Tambour inopiné
Ensemble Moshtaq
Buda Musique 4707033


    Mode Shoushtari
  1. Parvaneh emshab
  2. Zarbi Soushtari & avaz
  3. Paye sarve
  4. Yarab sababi saz

  5. Mode Rast-Panjgah
  6. Zarbi Rast-Panjgah
  7. Chant
  8. Aou miravad
  9. Sanam Sanama

  10. Mode Abou-Ata
  11. Zarbi Hejaz
  12. Improvisations chant & ney
  13. Emshab saboktar mizanand
  14. Ey yare nassaman

  15. Mode Nava
  16. Gar berevad

Performers: Reza Ghassemi (compositions, setâr), Sepideh Raissadat (voice), Pouya Khoshravesh (kamancheh), Javid Yahyazadeh (ney, laleveh), Naghib Shanbehzadeh (tombak)

Playing time: 50'04"

Recording date: 2013 (Paris); released: 2015

Reza Ghassemi (b.1950) founded Ensemble Moshtaq in 1988 in Paris, and gave regular concerts until 1995, including with some of the best-known Persian musicians in the West. After two decades concentrating on literature, Ghassemi returns with a bit of a rethinking of the ensemble format.

Sepideh Raissadat studied with Parissa, and then Parviz Meshkatian & Mohammad Reza Lotfi — all musicians featured already on this site.

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