Inde: Chant Dhrupad de la Dagarvani
Ustad Sayeeduddin Dagar
w/ Nafeesuddin Dagar & Aneesuddin Dagar (backing vocals), Udhav Shankarrao Shinde (pakhawaj)
Ragas Desh, Malkauns
Buda "Monde du Musique" 198 491


    Raga Desh
  1. Introduction (1'14)
  2. Shloka (1'30)
  3. Alap (24'20)
  4. Dhamar: Sanware ranga dar diyo ri (9'28)

  5. Raga Malkauns
  6. Shloka (2'00)
  7. Alap (20'31)
  8. Versets (1'01)
  9. Dhrupad Chautal: Poojana chali mahaadeva (8'44)
  10. Dhrupad Chautal: Jayati jayati shri ganesha (1'41)
  11. Dhrupad Sultal: Shankara girijapati (3'11)

Sound quality: excellent

Playing time: 73'47

Recording dates: October 2000 (Cologne), November 2000 (Anvers); live

Tanpuras by: Nafeesuddin Dagar & Aneesuddin Dagar, Martin Spaink

Tracks #1 & #7 include some spoken explanation in English.

There are some things not to like about this release: The spoken portions, the pedestrian choice of ragas, the relative brevity caused by splitting the program between two ragas, etc. However, the command is superb, and the level of filigree detail & sweetness is beyond reproach.

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T. M. McComb