South India: Ritual Music and Theatre of Kerala
Le Chant du Monde LDX 274 910


  1. Theatre danse Kathakali
  2. Recitation du Rigveda
  3. Recitation du Rigveda - exercise du type ratha
  4. Recitation du Samaveda
  5. Theatre sanskrit Kutyattam
  6. Musique des Pulluvar - solo de pulluvar kudam
  7. Musique des Pulluvar - chant de cloture de rituel
  8. Chant du Gita Govinda
  9. Ensemble ceremoniel panchavadyam

Playing time: 62'

Sound quality: excellent

Recording dates: 1981 & 1983

This is an interesting program, including both Vedic recitations and percussion-based accompaniment to theater, as well as some other items. These styles show close connections with historically related styles in Southeast Asia, as well as some of the roots of Carnatic music. These are old styles which are much less heard nowadays.

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T. M. McComb