Yemen / Sana'a

The Music of Islam, Volume 11
Music of Yemen - Sana'a Yemen
Celestial Harmonies 13151


  1. Mohammed Jam'a Khan (1906-1965): Ya Rabbat el-Husn (Saleh Abdul Baqi - voice & 'ud)
  2. Anon: Taba'an Liqa (Yahya Arouma - voice & 'ud)
  3. Omar Nusair / Mohammed Atroush: Ana Atarajjak (Iman Ibrahim - voice, Saleh Abdul Baqi - 'ud)
  4. Haddâd Hassan al-Kaf: Tabi' 's-samar (Omar Gallab - voice & 'ud)
  5. Omar Nusair / Mohammed Atroush: Leh leh wa-Hajiri (Khalid Adi - voice, Saleh Abdul Baqi - 'ud)
  6. Abdo Sharjabi / Mohamed Salem Shauqi: Ya sharikh el-Hawel (Mohamed Salem Shauqi - voice & 'ud)
  7. Anon: Li-Llahi ma Yahweh hatha 'l-maqam (Abdelrahman Imri - voice, Yahya Arouma - 'ud)

Playing time: 67'02"

Release date: 1998; Recorded in Yemen

The interplay of ideas in these songs become increasingly compelling with repeated exposure. This is music which should be known more widely.

Attributions are given as poet / composer, where known and separate.

The 17 CD Music of Islam production from Celestial Harmonies contains several interesting selections, although this one is especially appealing. The liner notes contain a discussion of Islam, Islamic music, history in general... getting eventually to Yemen.

Along with the extensive discussion, valuable especially to someone relatively unfamiliar with Yemen and/or Arabic music, this recording is especially valuable for its variety of voices, both male & female. The latter are relatively rare in public (as a recording is) in such a conservative country. However, some outside elements can definitely be detected in the music here. It remains valuable, but clearly tends toward modern.

At one time, the only individual recital of Yemeni music was:

Traditional Yemeni Songs
Hamud Al Junayd
Nimbus 5481

Here the outside influence is quite tangible and explicit, making it less appealing. It likely remains, however, the most widely available recital. Similar comments apply to the two Rounder CDs (both featuring the same two sets of musicians, and originally released on Lyrichord), which although recorded in the 1970s, feature a more progressive radio-oriented style.

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T. M. McComb