Great Master of the Rudra Veena
Ustad Zia Mohiuddin Dagar
w/ Manik Munde (pakhawaj)
Raga Pancham Kosh
Naïve Ethnic B 6131


    Raga Pancham Kosh
  1. Alap
    Raga Malkauns

Playing time: 61'50"

Recording date: 1984

Tanpuras by: Philippe Bruguière & Ivan Trunzler

The close derivation of Raga Pancham Kosh from Raga Malkauns is exploited here to switch to the latter raga for the dhrupad proper. The latter is of course an older raga with more significant compositions. Although the items are listed separately on the CD, there is only one actual track.

This night-time rendition is especially delicate, and great for late night concentration.

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T. M. McComb