Japan - Shakuhachi

Great Masters of the Shakuhachi Flute (Japan)
Gorô Yamaguchi
Naïve Ethnic B 6139


  1. Yûgure-No-Kyoku ("the tune of everything")
  2. Igusa-Reibo ("rush plant yearning for the bell")
  3. Sôkaku-Reibo ("nesting of a crane")
  4. Hô-Shô-Su ("young phoenix")

Extra shakuhachi (track #4): Hômei Matsumara

Playing time: 66'

Production date: 1988 (licensed from HMV Japan)

Gorô Yamaguchi (b.1933) plays some of the most austere pieces in the shakuhachi repertory for this recording. The music generally has something of a plaintive nature, but includes some rather dissonant-sounding passages, including trills. This music generally has associations with Zen.

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T. M. McComb