IV. Spiritual Music

Gamelan of Central Java
IV. Spiritual Music
Musicians of STSI Surakara
Felmay / Dunya 8074


  1. Ladrang: Turun Sih (pelog lima)
  2. Sekaten gendhing: Rabmu (pelog lima)
  3. Ladrang - gendhing kemanak: Mijil Ludira (pelog barang)
  4. Sekaten gendhing: Rangkung (pelog lima)
  5. Ketawang - gendhing kemanak: Mijil Dhempel (slendro sanga)

Performers: Rustopo, Waridi, Darsono (male voices); Supardi (bonang panenbung), Suraji (rebab), etc.

Playing time: 63'

Recording date: July 2003 (Surakarta)

This program includes some unusual & distinctive items, some of which might not be called court gamelan per se. The opening track includes the Muslim call for prayer integrated into the music. Two tracks feature the kemanak, ancient banana-shaped bronze bells.

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T. M. McComb