Classical Heritage
Geetha Ramanathan Bennett
w/ Mannargudi A. Easwaran (mridangam), N. Govindarajan (ghatam)
Private label - produced by Sangita Asian Musical Society


  1. Karunai Seyvai - Hamsadvani/Adi - Papanasam Sivan (6'32)
  2. Palukavemina - Poorna Chandrika/Adi - Tyagaraja (3'58)
  3. Anuragamuleni - Saraswathi/Rupakam - Tyagaraja (9'47)
  4. (unknown) - (3'51)
  5. Atamodigala - Charukesi/Adi - Tyagaraja (28'04)
  6. Tillana - Sindubhairavi/Adi - Lalgudi Jayaraman (8'05)
  7. Thirupugazh: Niraimathi - Hamsaanandi/Adi - Arunagirinathar (1'00)
  8. Kavadichindu: Villinaiotha puruvam - Eka Tala, Tisra Nadai - Subramanya Bharathi (3'11)

Sound quality: very good

Recording date: 1993 (Madras)

I bought this disc at a concert. As far as I know, it is not otherwise available.

Track #4 is not listed in the contents. I will see if I can place it, if my foggy memory cooperates.

The elaborate rendition of "Atamodigala" is excellent, but the CD program in general suffers from a over-predominance of fast-tempo pieces. I know that Geetha Bennett can perform slow-tempo and especially middle-tempo, so I guess this is due to a desire to pack the most notes-per-CD.

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T. M. McComb