Pandit Pran Nath: Ragas of Morning & Night
Ragas Todi, Darbari
w/ Mohammad Ahmed Bane (sarangi), Prem Waleb (tabla), Sheila Dhar (tambura), Lalita Gupta (tambura)
Gramavision / Great Northern Arts 61008


  1. Raga Todi - 'Hara bina tero kon sahai' & 'Heri! Aba guna de'
  2. Raga Darbari - 'Hazrat Turkaman' & 'Nain so nain milaye'

Sound quality: quite good

Playing time: 49'14"

Recording date: February 1968 (New Delhi); release date: 1986

Pandit Pran Nath is more well-known for his connections with American minimalism and his own "creature music" (as it was called in the newsgroup) than for his classical singing. However, this recording from the Kirana archives (made in 1968) should dispel any doubts as to whether he is a capable traditional singer. The precise intonation is superb, and this recital is indeed a valuable example of the less well-known Northern Kirana style.

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T. M. McComb