Wu Zhao-Ji

Wumen Qin Music
Wu Zhao-Ji
Hugo HRP 712


  1. Eighteen Tragic Parts of Barbarian Pipes
  2. Wild Geese Descending on the Sandbank
  3. Fishermen's Song
  4. Autumn Grievances beyond the Great Wall
  5. Spring Sound
  6. Innocent Seagulls
  7. Memory of an Old Friend

Instruments: Qin "Yu Ling Long" (Song Dynasty) - tracks #2 & #5; Anonymous Qin (Song Dynasty) - remaining tracks

Playing time: 72'

Recording date: October 1987 (Shanghai)

Wu Zhao-Ji (b.1908) is the leading exponent of the Wumen (a classical city) school, of which his father Wu Lan-Shun was a founding figure. His profession is mathematics, but his qin playing dates to an early age. Wu Zhao-Ji has a very austere style of performance, with a broad rhythm and very minimal vibrato. The sense of space & expansiveness of this conception are notable.

This recital is continued in a "Disc II" which also includes tracks from a 1993 session. That is Hugo 713, another notable issue.

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T. M. McComb