The Art of Qin Music, Vol. 3

The Art of Qin Music, Vol. 3
Hugo HRP 7138


  1. Li Xiang-Ting: Mountain Tai
  2. Li Xiang-Ting: Autumnal Lamentations
  3. Sun Yu-Han: Innocent Seagulls
  4. Chen Chang-Lin: Moonlit River in Spring
  5. Li Yu-Xian: The River All Red
  6. Tse Chun-Yan: Falling Plum Blossoms (w/ Sou Si-Tai, xiao)
  7. Wei Jia-Li: The Eighth of the Fourth Lunar Month
  8. Xu Xiao-Ying: Three Variations of the Yang Pass (w/ voice)
  9. Zhang Tong-Xia: Soliciting the Hermits (w/ voice)
  10. Zhang Tong-Xia: Lamenting the Ancients (w/ voice)
  11. Huang Yung-Ming: Incantation of Pureness (w/ voice; Cheng Jung-Lung, xiao; Lee Kung-Yuan, zhonghu; Sun Yu-Han, yinqing; Lin Fa, qing & muyu)
  12. Gao Zhong-Jun: Dialogue between the Fisherman and the Woodcutter (w/ voice)

Playing time: 65'

Recording date: July 1995 (Chengdu; International Symposium on the Art of Chinese Ancient Qin)

The present volume includes tracks with the qin in combination, especially with the voice and xiao (vertical flute). These are the two usually admissable accompaniments to qin. Track #11 is an unusual larger combination with percussion.

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T. M. McComb