Zhang Zi-Qian

Guangling Qin Music, Vol. 1
Zhang Zi-Qian
Hugo HRP 7139


  1. The Soaring Dragon
  2. Memories of an Old Friend
  3. Wind and Dangling Jade
  4. Liquormania
  5. Incantation of Pu An
  6. Wild Geese Descending on the Sandbank
  7. Three Variations of the Yang Pass
  8. Song of the Peaceful Evening
  9. Song of the Peaceful Evening
  10. Three Variations of the Plum Blossom
  11. Three Variations of the Plum Blossom

Instrument: Qin "Stormy Surges" (Ming Dynasty)

Xiao accompaniment on tracks #2, 5, 6, 7, 10 - Dai Shu-Hong

Playing time: 53'

Recording dates: 1981-1984 (Shanghai)

Zhang Zi-Qian (1899-1991) was one of the great twentieth century masters of the Guangling school of qin playing. This style is known for its rhythmic sophistication and broad conception. Zhang Zi-Qian played in an especially lucid manner. This recording is particularly valuable.

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T. M. McComb