Zheng - Louis Chen

Louis Chen plays Zheng Solos
Hugo HRP 7166


  1. Ci of Autumn Wind
  2. Old Drunken Man Dance
  3. Waves Wash Sand
  4. Hibiscus of Autumn
  5. The Autumn Moon over the Han Palace
  6. A Hungry Horse is Shaking its Bell
  7. Sorrow of Lady Zhao-Jun
  8. Lady Liu Qing Niang
  9. Moon of the mid-Autumn
  10. Jackdaws Gambolling in Water
  11. High Mountain and Flowing Water
  12. Moonlit River in Spring
  13. Flowing Water
  14. Memories of an Old Friend
  15. Evening Song of the Drunken Fisherman

Playing time: 64'

Recording date: December 1996 (Penang, Malaysia)

Louis Chen (b.1917) is a retired professor of Chinese Music History in Hong Kong. He emphasizes the older historical zheng pieces, including some taken from the guqin repertory. He has performed around the world, including on recordings for Western labels in decades past, and has generally been an ambassador for zheng music in West.

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