Zheng - Cao Guifen

High Mountain and Flowing Water
The Treasury of Zheng Music, Vol. 3
Henan Zheng Music
Cao Guifen
Hugo HRP 733


  1. High Mountain and Flowing Water
  2. Chen Xingyuan's Reluctant Marriage
  3. Lodging in a Garden
  4. Celebrating Lantern Festival
  5. Going Upstairs
  6. Going Downstairs
  7. Boudoir Lamentation
  8. A Suite of Qupai
  9. Yearning
  10. Longing for Spring
  11. Hunting Wild Geese
  12. Spring
  13. Dancing Birds
  14. Having a Swing
  15. Sympathy to Zhou Yu
  16. Sighing for Yan Hui
  17. Fences of Grapes
  18. Chant
  19. Su Wu's Nostalgia
  20. Magpie and Plum Blossom
  21. Daqiban

Playing time: 66'

Recording date: April 1990 (Shanghai)

Cao Guifen (b.c.1930) is the grand-daughter of the legendary Cao Zheng, and so a bearer of the Cao family style. Her recordings have been famous since 1963. Cao Zheng established the Henan school of zheng as a major school in China, and it remains so today. The style is rather more dramatic than others, based largely in the art of narrative verse. The instrument is also traditionally smaller than that for some other schools. This is part of the "Northern" school of zheng, together with Shangdong school.

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T. M. McComb