Zheng - Yang Xiuming

Buddhist Chant
Chaozhou Zheng Music
Yang Xiuming
Hugo HRP 753


  1. Buddhist Chant
  2. Flowing Water in the Spring Creek
  3. Zhaojun's Grievance (huo wu diao mode)
  4. Opening a Window
  5. Liu Yao Jin (huo wu diao mode)
  6. Liu Yao Jin (gong zi diao mode)
  7. Song of the West Chamber
  8. Da Ba Ban
  9. Ten Cups of Tea

Playing time: 64'

Recording date: December 1991 (Beijing)

Yang Xiuming (b.1935) is the leading representative of the Chouzhou school of zheng performance. This is a rather contemplative performance, also illustrating differences in the Chinese modes.

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T. M. McComb