Prof. Debu Chaudhuri
Raga Desh
India Archive Music 1002


    Raga Desh
  1. Alap and Jor
  2. Vilambit and Drut Gats in Tintal

Tabla: Shafaat Ahmed Khan

Playing time: 75'16"

Recording date: December 1989 (New Delhi)

Sound quality: superlative

Debu Chaudhuri (b.1937) is a Dean of Music in Delhi, and a gregarious musical personality. He has some other recordings, but this one in the "country" raga Desh presents a nice synthesis.

The gats are particularly worthwhile here, moreso than the alap. They highlight the articulate left-hand play of the Delhi baj by Shafaat Ahmed Khan (b.1954).

As such, the recording can be viewed more as an "appendix" to the sitar list.

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T. M. McComb