Ustad Vilayat Khan
Raga Jaijaivanti
India Archive Music 1010


    Raga Jaijaivanti
  1. Alap
  2. Vilambit Gat in tintal
  3. Drut Gat in tintal

Tabla: Akram Khan

Playing time: 74'02"

Recording date: August 1991 (New York)

Sound quality: superlative

This is one of Vilayat Khan's most rhetorical performances, and a tough nut to crack. It has been very tempting for me to remove it from the list, principally on account of its sometimes-rambling character, but ultimately I find that it hangs together and is stimulating. It is not at all a dull performance, and is thought-provoking. I cannot ask for more than that.

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T. M. McComb