Ustad Vilayat Khan
Raga Shree
India Archive Music 1035


    Raga Shree
  1. Alap
  2. Drut Gat in tintal

Tabla: Akram Khan

Playing time: 76'

Recording date: August 1991 (New York)

Sound quality: superlative

This may be, considering production quality and everything, the best performance Vilayat Khan has put on record. It is not so strange as the others in the series, and quite chilling. Before this, although the production quality was certainly setting a standard, the previous Vilayat Khan recordings asked as many questions as they answered. This rendition certainly answers a question, and by extension raises the stature of the others in the series.

India Archive, whose documentation and production standards are consistently good in any rate, continue to set new standards. The notes and discussion for the present release are likely the most informed & stimulating in the history of Indian classical music recordings.

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T. M. McComb