Ustad Vilayat Khan
Raga Enayetkhani Kanada
India Archive Music 1045


    Raga Enayetkhani Kanada
  1. Alap
  2. Jor
  3. Vilambit Gat in tintal

Tabla: Akram Khan

Playing time: 77'

Recording date: July 1991 (New York)

Sound quality: superlative

This is Vilayat Khan's own raga. Although not a standard raga, this is one of the most enjoyable recordings in the series. The Darbari family works well for Vilayat Khan, and here we have his own style in both performance and raga specifics. Whether others take up this raga remains to be seen, but it is quite successful here.

I believe it is the same raga called "Vilayat Khan Kanada" on EMI LP.

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T. M. McComb