Ustad Zia Mohiuddin Dagar: Ragas Abhogi & Vardhani
Rudra Veena / Seattle / 9 March 1986
Ideologic Organ (Editions Mego) SOMA 028


    Raga Abhogi
  1. Alap
  2. Jod
  3. Jhala

  4. Raga Vardhani
  5. Alap
  6. Jod
  7. Jhala

Playing time: 67'

Recording date: 1986; released: 2018

Tanpura: Annie Penta

This "living room" recital is mic'd rather closely, yielding a bit of a noisy sound at times. However, this is one of Z.M. Dagar's most potent performances on disc, utilizing Carnatic Ragas. In Carnatic terms, the second raga here is Ragavardhani (melakarta 32) not the raga called merely Vardhani (janya of melakarta 11) in Carnatic music.

The performance is also notable for moving straight into the second raga with minimal delay, such that the heightened energy of the previous articulation is reinflected back into the beginning of alap: It's a bit jarring, but surprisingly effective in how quickly Dagar establishes the changed raga at a more intense level.

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T. M. McComb