Crying Bamboos from New Guinea Madang

Crying Bamboos
Ceremonial Flute Music from New Guinea Madang
Recorded by Ragnar Johnson
Ideologic Organ (Editions Mego) SOMA 030 [CDx2]


  1. Pu-kil, Bosmun
  2. Rumbung Pulpak, Bosmun
  3. Rumung, Bak
  4. Boma, Kaean
  5. Ga-ra-ra, Bosmun
  6. Buaraning, Bak
  7. Tomung Gingong, Bosmun
  1. Wamba, Bosmun
  2. Gomkail, Bak
  3. Vilung Nyap, Bosmun
  4. Bomana Longo, Kaean
  5. Gateh, Bak
  6. Ga-neh, Bosmun

Playing time: 51' + 49'

Recording dates: 1979; released: 2018

As opposed to the first double album from this ethnomusicology recording project of the 1970s, this second double album (recorded three years later) appears not to have been released previously.

Similar comments apply, with similar music, and in fact this later set is focused exclusively on coastal Madang — without the inland contributions on a track from each of the first issues.

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T. M. McComb