Ancient Music of Chang'an

Chine: Musique ancienne de Chang'an
Capitale de la dynastie T'ang
Ensemble du Conservatoire Superieur de Xian (Chang'an)
Naïve Inedit W 260036


  1. Man yuan chun (ensemble)
  2. Zhao jun yuan (pipa solo)
  3. Zhongman shan (voice, ensemble)
  4. Siji hua (voice, ensemble)
  5. Yu lin ling (winds)
  6. Polomen yin (strings)
  7. Meiguandi-shuang yunluo taoqu (ensemble)

Playing time: 48'47"

Production date: 1991

Performers: Ge Zhang (voice), Lu Ri Rong (cha, small cymbals), Yu Zhu (bo, large cymbals), Yuan Ziu He (danao, large cymbals), Feng Ya Lan (bangzi, wooden drum), Liu An Liang (yunluo, double gong-chime drums), Cheng Tian Jian (daluo, gong & sheng, mouth organ), Jiao Jie (sheng), Yue Hua En (sheng), Zhao Hong Bin (sheng), Lian Jian Qun (sheng), Qu Wen Jun (pipa, lute), Wei Jun (zheng, zither), Zhou You Guo (ruan, lute)

This is a fairly unique orchestral recording of music reconstructed from the T'ang dynasty. This was an era during which musicians from around the world took up residence at Chang'an, and the music produced had a lasting impact. Among other things, it was the root of Gagaku in Japan. Indeed, the relationship between these two repertories is only now being explored. The present recital remains conjectural in some ways, but this is an area in which many scholar continue to work. In many ways, the "early music" movement is nearly as active in China as it is in the West.

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T. M. McComb