Hasan al-Ajami / Ahmed Ushaysh - Le chant de Sanaa

Yémen - Le chant de Sanaa
Hasan al-Ajami / Ahmed Ushaysh
Institut du Monde Arabe 321029


  1. Ahmed al Qarah (19th c.): Ya bi ruhi min al-ghid "Who is this girl"
    Ali b. Ishaq (18th c.): Ya mu'allaq bi-habl al-hobb "You who cling to the rope of love"
    Qasim al-Amir (18th c.): Ya mudhhab al-khadd "You with the golden complexion"
  2. Mohammad Sharaf al-Din (16th c.): Ya mughir al-ghazaleh "O you who make the gazelle and the fawn jealous"
    Anon: Ya dawlat el-husn "O supreme one of beauty and power"
  3. Ahmed 'Abdel Rahman al-Anini (d.1825): Qiff bi'ala l-mas'a "Stop halfway up the slope"
    Anon: Ya dawlat el-husn "O supreme one of beauty and power"
  4. Kamal al-Din ibn al-Nabih (Syria, 12th-13th c.): Min sihr'aynak al-aman "I beg for mercy in the magic of your glance"
    Anon: Hum yamna'u "They forbid"
    Anon: La tahjaru "Do not abandon"
  5. Ibn al-Farid or Baha Zuhayr: Ghayri'ala s-silwan qadir "Anyone else but me would be capable of peace of mind"
    Mohammed Sharaf al-Din (16th c.): Akhdar limeh "O dark one"
    Anon: Al-nas'alayk aqlaguni "People have me worried about you"
    Anon: 'Azim al-raja "Thou to whom all our desires do turn"

Performers: Hasan al-Ajami (tracks 1-3; voice, qanbus), Ahmed Ushaysh (tracks 4 & 5; sahn mîmiyeh)

Playing time: 67'

Recording date: March 1998 (live)

Besides the classical singing, this recital features the seldom-heard qanbus ('ud of Sanaa) & sahn mîmiyeh (copper tray). The two sections of the recital are entirely separate. Poets are as given.

Another recital by the first of these performers:

Le chant de Sanaa
Hasan al-'Ajamî
Ocora C 560173

Although featuring shorter duration pieces, the present disc is somewhat more compelling.

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