Mohammad al-Harithi - L'Heure de Salomon

Yémen - L'Heure de Salomon
Mohammad al-Harithi
Institut du Monde Arabe 321032


  1. Abdel-Raman al-Anisi: Li-llah ma yahwi hadha-I-maqam "By God, this place has so many beautiful things"
  2. Abdel-Raman Sharaf-al-Din: Salam ya rawdat al-Ahjur "Hail, O gardens of my beloved homeland"
  3. Mohammad Sharaf-al-Din: Sadat fu'adi bi-l-uyun al-milah "My heart has been entrapped by her beautiful eyes"
  4. Al-Sudi: Li fi ruba Hajer ghuzayyel "I have, beside Hajer, a fawn with its neck raised"
  5. Mohammad Sharaf-al-Din: Shaqiq el-qamar asfar bi-dayjur "The brother of the lunar star appears at nightfall"
  6. Anon: Rahman ya rahman "Merciful, merciful"
  7. Abdel-Raman al-Anisi: Layta shi'ri limeh "Ah, if only I knew why"

Performer: Mohammad al-Harithi (voice, 'ud)

Playing time: 72'

Recording date: 1997 (Yemen)

Poets are as given. More discussion to appear.

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T. M. McComb