Ustad R. Fahimuddin Dagar
w/ Lakshminarayan Pawar (pakhawaj)
Raga Kedar
Jecklin Disco 635


    Raga Kedar (79'46)
  1. Alap
    Dhrupad "Bhaj re mana, Vishwanath"
    Dhamar "Maan, taj deri aali"

Recording date: 1989

Tanpuras by: Anka Jepsen & Freidrich Glorian

R. F. Dagar (b.1927) has a particularly deep voice, and excels in articulating the lowest ranges with precise ornaments. The present recital is one of the most potent on the list, especially given the supposed healing properties of Raga Kedar.

The raga, with extended dhrupad proper, is presented on one long track on the CD. It opens with a short spoken benediction.

The liner notes include a transcription of an interview with the performer.

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T. M. McComb