Parisa I

Parisa: Live in Concert, USA Tour
Tale of Love: I. Esfahan
Parisa / Hossein Omoumi
Kereshmeh "Quarter Tone" QTCD-1005


    Avâz-e Bayâté Esfahan
  1. Pishdarâmad
  2. Darâmad
  3. Zarbi & Avâz
  4. Tasnif - Dear Love
  5. Bayâté Râjé
  6. Bayâté Râjé, Zarbi, and Avâz
  7. Foroud
  8. Tale of Love - Vocal Duet
  9. Tasnif - Curls

Performers: Parisa (voice), Hossein Omoumi (ney, voice, composition), Pejman Hadadi (tombak), Saam (daf)

Playing time: 43'27"

Recording date: May 1998 (La Jolla; live concert)

Poetry of Sa'adi and Rumi, arranged and composed by Hossein Omoumi.

This series is somewhat "over-prettified" by Omoumi's micromanagement instincts, especially considering the live nature of the recordings. However, there is a wealth of good material here, from interesting instrumental passagework to fine singing.

Notable is Omoumi's use of tuned percussion, which seems like a definite improvement.

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T. M. McComb