Alemu Aga

Alemu Aga
Bägänna of Ethiopia
The Harp of King David
Long Distance 142009
Buda "Éthiopiques" 82232


  1. Abatatchin Hoy
  2. Medinana Zelesegna
  3. Tew Semagn Hagere
  4. Ye Emebetatchin Selamta
  5. Keto Aykerim Motu
  6. Sile Sine Siklet
  7. Aba Gragn Mote
  8. Sile Sine Fitret
  9. Dagim Mitseat
  10. Sile Genna
  11. Man Yimeramer?
  12. Yebäbänna Dirdera

Playing time: 66'

Production date: 1995

This citation is also somewhat lacking in documentation, but is a quality production in other ways. It is a uniquely available full recital of Alemu Aga performing some of his best music. The tracks feature voices along with the bägänna harp.

Whether this recitation style has some direct historical correspondence to the Biblical psalms of ancient times is certainly an open question. The style itself has a fluid & hypnotic quality.

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T. M. McComb