The Tradition of Dhrupad on Rudravina - 1
Bahauddin Dagar
Ragas Bhairav, Komal Re Durga
Makar Records 006


    Raga Bhairav
  1. Alap (33'50)
  2. Jor (17'33)
  3. Jhala (7'39)
  4. Raga Komal Re Durga - Alap (10'58)

Playing time: 70'00

Production date: 1994

Bahauddin Dagar (b.1970) is the son of Z. M. Dagar and one of the primary musicians to carry on his style. The present recording is not as strongly articulated and richly nuanced as those of this father, but it remains worthwhile for the slightly different perspective and the raga.

Performances are unaccompanied throughout.

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T. M. McComb