The Tradition of Khyal on Sarangi - 1
Ustad Sabri Khan - Moradabad Gharana
Raga Puriya Dhanashri
Makar Records 011


    Raga Puriya Dhanashri
  1. Alap - Vilambit Chatushkal Ektal
    Madhyalay Tintal
  2. Drut Ektal

Tabla: Ustad Dayam Ali Qadri

Tanpura: Kamaal Sabri

Playing time: 69'49"

Production date: 1995

Sound quality: excellent

The alap is extremely brief, moving right into the khayal section. Sabri Khan's other major CD has more slow sections, which come out better. Here, although there are some good ideas, there is a compromise in intonation during extended tans and the style can become coarse.

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T. M. McComb