The Lyrical Tradition of Dhrupad - 9
Ustad Z. Fariduddin Dagar
w/ Shrikant Mishra (pakhawaj)
Raga Chalnat
Makar Records 039


    Raga Chalnat
  1. Alap (29'14)
  2. Jor (12'27)
  3. Jhala (7'12)
  4. Dhrupad Chautal (17'52)

Tampuras & vocal support by: Yvan Trunzler, Nirmalya Dey

Playing time: 66'52"

Production date: 2001

Sound quality: excellent

Ustad Z. Fariduddin Dagar (b.1933) is the younger brother of vainika Ustad Z.M. Dagar, and the senior living member of the Dagar family. This is his only solo recording, and so of unique value. My one lament is that the backing vocalists are frequently evident. The singing style itself passes quickly from being very quiet to very animated and back.

The two brothers can be heard in jugalbandi on a more recent release.

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T. M. McComb