The Dagar Brothers
Ustad Nasir Zahiruddin Dagar & Ustad Nasir Faiyazuddin Dagar
w/ Mohan Shyam Sharma (pakhawaj)
Raga Kambhoji
Music of the World 114


    Raga Kambhoji
  1. Alap (45'07)
  2. Dhrupad (17'53)

Playing time: 63'00"

Recording date: 1988

Tanpuras by: Mussarat & Wasif Dagar

This midnight raga is one of the oldest & grandest, found extensively still in Carnatic music, but less often in Hindustani. The rendition is especially seductive & mysterious, and highlights the unified dialogue quality which can be achieved by two singers who know each other so well.

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T. M. McComb