Uday Bhawalkar
w/ Manik Munde (pakhavaj)
Ragas Shri & Malkauns
Nimbus (Indian Classical Masters) 5489


    Raga Shri
  1. Alap, Jor, Jhala (20'20)
  2. Hori Dhamar "Aaj rang bheejan laage" (12'26)

  3. Raga Malkauns
  4. Alap, Jor, Jhala (23'43)
  5. Dhrupad Chautal "Jayati jayati shree ganesha"
    Dhrupad Sultal "Shankara girijapati" (10'49)

Tamburas by: Uma Phalke, Marianne Svasek

Playing time: 67'18"

Recording date: September 1994

Sound quality: good

This is another performance of some merit, but not really comparable to Uday Bhawalkar sparkling performance on Makar with its greater facility and longer exposition. However, this one is clearly easier to obtain.

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T. M. McComb